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Indoor PH4.81 Mobile LED Display Die Casting Cabinet

Brand : Vision Pro

Product origin : CHINA

Delivery time : 15 days

Supply capacity : 1000SQM

PH4.81 Indoor LED Display for Stage Rental with Die Casting Cabinet

Model: VisionPro-DI-A4
Main Specification:
Pixel pitch: 4.81mm
Refresh rate: 1920HZ or 3840HZ
Brightness: ≥ 1200 cd/㎡
Cabinet size: 500X500 mm (6kg)
Protection level: IP43
Application: Stage; Event; Wedding; Concert; Conference; etc

●Extreme precision

When set up, the locks have a locate function by using locating tab to plug in alignment holes And be connected through special snap joints. For the convenience of setting up, two handle are Designed on the both sides. The flatness and seam splicing is less than 0.05mm.

●The Quality Module

1.High quality LED chip from big brands like Cree, Nichia, Epistar, Opto. Encapsulated by NationStar, King Light, Xindec.
2.Large viewing angle and smooth displaying provide excellent visual effect from every angle
3.Integration of lamp and driving IC(MBI,PWM), together with the multi-circuit structure
4.Ultra high brightness, low attenuation, high reliability and weather ability
5.High contrast ratio
6.Adapts black lamps can improve the contrast ratio by 50%
7.High refresh rate, high gray scale, ghost-canceling, low power consumption
8.Low EMI, anti-creeping, multi-route redundancy backup-supporting and dot-by-dot-calibration

●Wider viewing angles

Vision Pro Indoor Rental LED Display features 140 horizontal and 140 vertical angles - so you will get a super quality image in a super large range.

●High Grayscale for Better Performance

 Vision Pro uses best quality IC supplied by the leading brands make sure you get the outstanding performance you desired.

●High Refresh Rate for Flicker-free Picture

 High refresh rate of over 1920Hz ensure you gain outstanding, flicker-free picture for ultra-smooth user experience

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